Origins of Mini-Ivy

While searching for STEM education opportunities for our children, we found that available curriculum anchors on repetition as the means to learning, rather than critical thinking and deep understanding. Currently, STEM programs take a very archaic approach that might create great employees in the 20th century, but fall short in preparing the children to be leaders and innovators in the 21st century. We do not believe that spending 100s of hours in solving problems repetitively is helpful or enjoyable for kids. 

We are changing that with our innovative curriculum. For example, in our math classes, we anchor our lecture around 1 problem and explain concepts by solving it in many ways. Through this, our children are able to connect multiple concepts, currently taught in silos or separate chapters, deal with uncertainty and build a deep understanding of the subject. We want our students to be able to think critically and use their understanding of concepts to solve any problem, no matter how challenging or daunting.

Mini-Ivy's STEM program advantages

With technological advances, leaders of tomorrow will be determined by their ability to come up with multiple creative approaches to a problem set. Technology has already progressed to a point where most repetitive jobs are being replaced by smart machines and algorithms. Those who have been trained in the traditional approach will quickly find their mind-set and skill-set not in alignment with market requirements!

Skills such as critical thinking, innovative and independent problem solving would equip one to address the emerging challenges with ease. More than just solving a problem, we teach alternate ways of approaching a problem. Over a period of time, this approach will help students train their minds to address unstructured problems and challenges with confidence.


About our founder and team

We take pride in our STEM curriculum – which was designed by professionals with PhDs and Masters degrees from top US Universities. Our team includes alumni from Princeton, MIT, Columbia, UVA-Darden, Babson, Duke with industry experience across major tech, finance and engineering firms. United by a passion for teaching, we spent the last 3 years developing and teaching this curriculum. Each class is facilitated by top performing high-school students under the direct guidance of our expert team.