Technology (Scratch / Python coding)

We have developed a unique methodology to deliver our classes, in which the instructors can focus on teaching the core-concepts, and students can either follow the key bullet points or watch a corresponding gif associated with each slide. This makes the learning easy and fun for both students and teachers.

Coding using Scratch (Ages 6-9):  Each class is independent. Material is carefully designed after thoughtful consideration to engage students in different activities such as animation, creating their own games, creation of puzzles and mathematical concepts using block-coding.  Students will build a good foundation on the fundamentals of programing. These skills will help them in doing Micro:bit robotic projects.

Coding using Python (Ages 9-11):  Each class is built upon the previous class. Material is carefully designed to engage students and develop their curiosity to solve different mathematical problems.  Students will develop a solid foundation on different aspects of programing. Building upon these skills, students would be able to solve most of the grade 4-8 math problems using Python.

Skills learned in Technology classes

Technology Courses Materials

We provide state-of-art computers with Windows Enterprise edition in a safe environment, ultra-high definition and 4K screens for a comfortable learning experience.

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